Fitness centers in the DC area are constantly getting new equipment and re-locating. When they do, they come to Rasmus to liquidate their assets in the mean time. From Gold’s Gym to a family owned fitness center, we have everything you would need for your home or office gym.

If you have always wanted to have a treadmill for your home but can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars for it new? We have you covered. We sell entire fitness centers in DC as well as smaller gyms so you can easily bid on dumbells, a bench press, ellipticals, or even an ab machine. You can come to the inspection to make sure that the fitness equipment works properly and is in good shape (or go by the description and photo online) and pay your price for it. A treadmill in your house is a lot more cost effective than that gym membership…we bring the fitness center to you! Bid now on used fitness club and gym equipment.