Office Furniture

Washington, DC is constantly shifting, developing, and changing and so are its businesses. Whether they are rightsizing, relocating, or going out of business, office buildings are some of our most common auctions in DC. The office buildings we liquidate include everything from 80-office law firms to internet and technology companies and small businesses.

We often sell high quality gently used furniture for incredible prices since we sell to the highest bidder regardless of price. There are often opportunities to buy office equipment in quantities making it easier to furnish your entire office or buy multiple of the same table or chair. We also sell items individually so if you just need a new, more comfortable chair for your home office, we have that too, and you can bid your price on it. We also liquidate locations like the City Club of Washington, and other luxury locations making it easy to get used designer furniture at your price. Our office liquidations also include office equipment, office supplies, work stations, and furniture for waiting and conference rooms in addition to executive suites and all of the technology needed to run an office. Start bidding your price on office equipment in DC now!